Abhi and Pragya to Meet each other?? : Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya August 18 episode starts with Abhi and Sarita Ben making tea for Pragya and everyone. Sarita Ben says that they will meet today finally.

Abhi and Sarita are about the open Pragya’s cupboard to sees her husband’s photo. But she says that she will have to cancel the plan of going to Pragya’s room as she is coming home.

Ranbeer enters the room where Prachi is standing and crying. Prachi says thankyou to Ranbeer. Ranbeer says sorry. And he is wiping Prachi’s tears and tells her to stop her crying he has to do so much work by making her stop crying.

Rhea comes out of the room and sees Prachi and Ranbeer getting emotional. Rhea comes in the middle says that she has to take her keys. Rhea goes out of the house near the car and cries.

Pragya comes and meets Rhea. Rhea hugs her tight and starts crying. She says Pragya not to go anywhere leaving her. She demands to spend some time with Pragya.

Sanju Threatens Alia

Image Source: ZEE5

Alia gets a call from Sanju. Alia asks him to return those 10lakh rupees. Sanju says he won’t return. Alia says that she will tell the police about the robbery and it is Sanju behind. Sanju says he has all the calls recorded and even he can tell the police that it Alia behind the robbery.

Later, Sanju tells Alia that there is no recording and he asks her to tell the place where he can bring the money.

Pragya and Rhea leave for a long drive

Pragya agrees to spend time with Rhea. They both go on a long drive. Abhi and Sarita Ben come out where they see Rhea and are moving towards them to meet Rhea and Pragya. But before Abhi reaches them they both leave for a drive.

Rhea tells Pragya that no one loves her. To which Pragya makes her understand that it is not the case.

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